Pet Franchise - The Opportunity

The pet care industry in the UK is worth hundreds of millions of pounds each year.  The industry is still rapidly growing, with total sales increasing in value year on year, even throughout the recession.

Pet services, including pet sitting, grooming and training, is the fastest growing category in the industry.  Pet sitting in particular is becoming an increasingly popular method of pet care, but the concept is still a relatively new one, making now an ideal time to enter the market place with an established and successful brand like Paw Pals.

A Paw Pals Franchise can be yours for just £10,995 with no management fees to pay in your first six months!

With nearly half of all households owning at least one pet, there are around 54 million pets (Mintel 2017) in the UK, so you can guarantee that no two days as a pet sitter are the same! It is a fulfilling and rewarding occupation and also a very social one, meeting many like-minded people out on walks and taking on new clients.

Based on our current franchisee’s figures, you will turnover approximately £18,000 or more in your first year. By hiring dog walkers, pet sitters and host families you can target more areas of your territory. Also by offering new and additional services, for example selling and delivering pet food, pet photography, Wedding Dogs chaperone service etc, or even buying additional territory, you can really increase your profits.

  • An ideal Paw Pals Candidate would:
  • Have a genuine passion for all pets, big and small!
  • Be an all-weather person and love the great outdoors.
  • Be self-motivated to drive your business to success.
  • Be dedicated to providing excellent pet care and customer service.
  • Have adaptability and flexibility – pet sitting is different every day!
  • Have sufficient liquid capital to support you whilst your business takes off.

Pet sitting is a wonderfully rewarding career and great fun, so if you think this could be the job for you, contact us today for a free Franchise Prospectus.

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" I feel genuienly proud to be Paw Pals, the values of the company are everything I believe in; honesty, integrity and providing a quality service"

Paul Wright, Paw Pals Romford

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