A Day in the life of Paw Pals Cheshire East

Monday 12 February 2018

David & Tammy

Ever wondered what a typical day in the life of Paw Pals is like? Well now you can find out as we find out exactly what a typical day is like, as we ask the questions you want to know!!

Today we are spending time with Paw Pals Cheshire East branch owners David & Tammy.


What times does your alarm go off?

  • Our alarm is usually set for 7am, particularly on busier days with earlier dog walks or morning cat feeds booked in, however we do sometimes get a lie in until around 8am instead!

Do you have a set routine for the day?

  • An average day would involve us getting up and going out to feed cats/rabbits/Guinea pigs, etc. first thing in the morning, then going back home for our own breakfast before heading out mid-late morning to start on the dog walks. Every day can be different but usually we finish the dog walks around mid-late afternoon, sometimes evening. We then call back at home to answer emails and enquiries and grab a late lunch or snack before heading out to complete the dinnertime feeding visits. Only then can we put our feet up!

How do you know who you are visiting for that day?

  • We have a diary that we write all of the days’ scheduled visits in.

Are most of the visits you undertake the same, or is everyday different?


One of the best things about our job is the variety – it is almost unheard of that a day is exactly the same twice in the same week. We do each have our regular dog walks that we see on a daily basis, however we also have a lot of doggie clients that we perhaps only see once or twice per week and others that we may only see every few weeks depending on their owners’ work schedules. Cat and small animal feeding visits vary depending on the time of year (during school holidays it can become very busy) meaning that on some days we have visits to make in a morning before the dog walks begin and then again afterwards at around dinnertime.


What is the most important tasks you have to do when visiting clients?

  • This is purely dependent on the pet that we are visiting. For most of our canine clients the most important thing for us to ensure is that they have they have the opportunity to get outside to stretch their legs and relieve themselves. For most cats and small animals the most important thing to ensure is that their litter tray/toilet area is cleaned and they have fresh food and water put down. For some special cases however, the most important thing we have to ensure is that the pet in question has taken its medicine, which could consist of supplements in their food, tablets to be taken or insulin to be injected.


How long do you stay with your clients for?

  • The amount of time we stay with each of our animal clients is discussed with the owners at the initial consultation. For small animal feeding visits we usually stay up to fifteen minutes, or until all of the necessary duties have been completed. Some cats, rabbits etc. are very nervous and can get quite unsettled around people they unfamiliar with – they just need somebody to call in to take care of their basic essentials. Others however, can’t get enough fuss and want as much attention as possible! With dog walks, again it is dependent on the owners’ wishes for them, but we always ensure to fit in toileting, walks and playtime!

Once you have visited the clients, do you have to let the owners know how the visit went?

Dog Walking

A lot of our clients follow us on social media where we provide general updates on each of the pets we have visited throughout the day.

At the end of a booking for cat/small animal feeds we always leave a hand-over note to inform the clients on how everything has gone whilst they have been away. With our dog walking clients, we keep our clients updated on goings on or any concerns that may have arisen via phone, SMS or WhatsApp.


Is it hard not to get attached to your lovely clients?

  • It is impossible to not get attached! Every pet is unique in its own way and we get to see a whole host of different characters and personalities.

Do you visit your clients more than once in a day?

  • The majority of pets that we visit more than once in a day are cats (morning and evening feeds) however, we have visited dogs up to four times in a day, particularly if their owner is either unable to walk them themselves or has to be out of the house for an unusually long period (although this is quite rare).

On average day, how long do you walk your clients (dogs) for?

  • The majority of our dog walks are around one hour in length, however we do have shorter walks of 30 or 45 minutes depending on the requests of owners.

This job really does keep you very fit?

  • Absolutely! We can officially tick the “extensive amount of exercise” on medical forms! Most days we can be walking anywhere from two to four hours or more, in every type of weather and across all sorts of ground. On one walk we may be walking along the streets or through a park, the next we may be scaling a hill!

On a typical day what time do you get home and put your feet up?

On most days we are usually back at home by around late afternoon or dinnertime, with all visits completed. The latest we have finished has been after 10pm... but this has been under exceptionally rare and special circumstances.


How easy is it to manage your time in your work day?

  • Generally it is quite easy to do – we know how long we will be with each animal client and have a good idea it will take us to travel to and from each booking. Of course, unexpected things such as roadworks and traffic jams can crop up which can put you behind the schedule you had planned out, but this is the reason we offer clients a time frame of a few hours, rather a specific timeslot, particularly on busier days. On quieter days we can cater more to specific time requests however.

What is the most fun thing about doing your job?

  • The most fun thing is undoubtedly time spent with the animals. Be it cat, dog, rabbit, rat or even tortoise – every pet has its own unique personality and makes us smile in their own special way. The job satisfaction of having an animal genuinely happy and excited to see you, is beyond compare. Even on days when the wind is blowing, the rain is pouring and the temperature is struggling to stay above freezing, the dogs are always pleased to see you because it means they get to go for a walk and play, and the cats, rabbits, rodents and reptiles get the attention that they crave... and a delicious meal to go along with it!

You can find out more about Paw Pals Cheshire East by clicking here, you can read and discover more about the branch, the services on offer and view their amazing photo gallery, as well as customer testimonials.

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