A Day in the life of Paw Pals East Surrey

Monday 12 February 2018

Brian Ainge

Ever wondered what a typical day in the life of Paw Pals is like? Well now you can find out as we find out exactly what a typical day is like, as we ask the questions you want to know!

Today we are spending time with Managing Director of Paw Pals Brian Ainge, who is also the branch owner of Paw Pals East Surrey and one very busy man!


What times does your alarm go off?

  • Anything from 0600 to 0800, depending on cat feeds.

Do you have a set routine for the day?

  • Kind of; most dog walking happens between 10 and 3.00 with cat feeds topping and tailing the day as required. Most evenings there will be some admin to do, whether recording clients’ payments or answering emails from potential new customers.

How do you know who you are visiting for that day?

  • I use an Outlook for Office calendar which I keep up to date with regular bookings and I get a raft of text messages on Sundays with ad hoc clients whose days change week to week.

Are most of the visits you undertake the same, or is everyday different?

Most days in a week are different, but Mondays (for example) will often be similar to other Mondays, depending on those ad hoc bookings. For some reason, Tuesdays are often the busiest!




What is the most important tasks you have to do when visiting clients?

  • Keeping animals safe yet stimulated and well exercised.

How long do you stay with your clients for?

  • Anything from 15 minutes to an hour. 

Once you have visited the clients, do you have to let the owners know how the visit went?

  • More often than not I do send a text message or leave a note.

Is it hard not to get attached to your lovely clients?

  • Impossible not to! If you don’t, you’re in the wrong job.


Do you visit your clients more than once in a day?

  • Sometimes yes. Quite often twice, occasionally three times. 

On average day, how long do you walk your clients (dogs) for?

Most are 30 minutes with about one per day of an hour and several pop in visits.





This job really does keep you very fit?

  •  Since I left my desk job, I’ve lost 10 kilos!

How easy is it to manage your time in your work day?

  • This can be a challenge and having good, reliable and flexible helpers is a great help.

On a typical day what time do you get home and put your feet up?

  • I always try to be done by 8pm; this means start cooking, which is a great relaxation. The more experienced I’ve got, the more important I realise this time to be

What is the most fun thing about doing your job?

  • Being in a beautiful piece of countryside with a loving companion.

You can find out more about Paw Pals East Surrey by clicking here, you can read and discover more about the branch, the services on offer and view their amazing photo gallery, as well as customer testimonials.

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