A Day in the life of Paw Pals Sutton

Friday 16 February 2018

Ever wondered what a typical day in the life of Paw Pals is like? Well now you can find out as we find out exactly what a typical day is like, as we ask the questions you want to know!!
Today we are spending time with Ally, branch owner of Paw Pals Sutton & NE Surrey who will give us an insight into her typical working day.

What times does your alarm go off?

Generally around 7.30am

Do you have a set routine for the day?

Every day changes, depending on the time of year. But we do have regular dog walks throughout the week. 

How do you know who you are visiting for that day?

Dog Care

I send out a text at the end of the month; asking how client’s months have gone and then I ask what dates they would like to have their dogs walked. So that I can write everyone for a month in advance.

Are most of the visits you undertake the same, or is everyday different?

Some clients ask for set times, but our busiest times are between 11:30 – 2:30 – so we try to work everyone in for these times.

What are the most important tasks you have to do when visiting clients?

Make sure the dogs are happy on the walks and make sure they really enjoy themselves. I also like to send a message to the owners to let them know how their pooches have gotten on.

How long do you stay with your clients for?

Cat Care

If the day is a busy one, we stay for the allotted times; 30 mins, 45 mins or an hour. However, we can stay longer if we don’t have to get to another job for a while.

Once you have visited the clients, do you have to let the owners know how the visit went?

 I do, I like to send pictures and even videos.

Is it hard not to get attached to your lovely clients?

This is extremely hard! I fall for animals as soon as I see them. So when a pet moves, no longer needs the services or sadly dies – We share the pain with our clients.

Do you visit your clients more than once in a day?

Some of our clients have older dogs and longer work days, so we can do morning and afternoon walks – to make sure they have some company and can go to the toilet. 

On average day, how long do you walk your clients (dogs) for?

For the times they ask us. Some days we can go out at 9am and not be home until 5pm.

This job really does keep you very fit?

You build up some strength in this job, either with the walks themselves, running around or even when the dogs are excited to get to the park and pull you!

How easy is it to manage your time in your work day?

One of my top priorities is time management. This is why I ask for the dates in advance; so I can would out the travel time between each jobs I have in a day. 

On a typical day what time do you get home and put your feet up?

Around 3pm.

What is the most fun thing about doing your job?

Meeting and forming a strong bond with the animals and clients we meet.


You can find out more about Paw Pals Sutton & NE Surrey by clicking here, you can read and discover more about the branch, the services on offer and view their amazing photo gallery, as well as customer testimonials and much more.

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