A Day in the life of Paw Pals Telford North

Wednesday 7 February 2018

Ever wondered what a typical day in the life of Paw Pals is like? Well now you can find out as we find out exactly what a typical day is like, as we ask the questions you want to know!

Today we are spending time with Carol, branch owner of Paw Pals Telford North and certainly one busy lady!!


What times does your alarm go off?

Regardless if I have dogs boarding or not my alarm goes off at 0630. If no boarding dogs or pet visits to complete I make a large cup of tea and take it back to bed for an hour! 

Do you have a set routine for the day?

Paw Pals Telford North - Chicken

That would be very hard to do as no day is the same in the world of pet care. Most days consist of:

Breakfast for boarding dogs and small animals,
Cleaning out of hutches, Complete any pet visits,Walking boarding dogs, then back home for breakfast and paperwork, Settling down any boarding dogs, Out for my regular weekly dog walking clients then Back home to check on small animals and boarding dogs
Walk boarding dogs.
Put small animals in runs for some daily exercise, Check phone messages and emails, Complete any pet visits, Feed boarding dogs and small animals, Check emails, answer any enquires and complete accounts and Everyday consists of picking up and dealing with lots of poo (hahha)

How do you know who you are visiting for that day?

I book everything into my diary and then have a monthly plan which I take with me in the car, crossing off as I go along (old school) 

Are most of the visits you undertake the same, or is everyday different?

Every day is different. I try to differ the walks to give the dogs variety. You never know from day to day who you will meet, how dogs will react to other dogs or what wildlife you will encounter.

What is the most important tasks you have to do when visiting clients?

Making sure the client is happy, healthy and well looked after while owners are away.

How long do you stay with your clients for?

Cat Care

That really depends on the request by the owner during the consultation and how many animals you need to deal with, most visits are between 20 and 30 minutes in duration, but some can be longer. One client that I have has 8 cats and 2 rabbits and some of the cats require medication, so this visit takes longer.

Once you have visited the clients, do you have to let the owners know how the visit went?

Yes, I always either use social media to send an update along with photographs, text message them or leave a note it really depends on what the client requests during the consultation. 

Is it hard not to get attached to your lovely clients?

I would say it is impossible and you are in the wrong job if you don’t!

Do you visit your clients more than once in a day?

Most have at least 2 visits a day however again depends on what the client’s request. I will discuss this during the consultation and recommend the number of visits for the correct care of the pet.  

On average day, how long do you walk your clients (dogs) for?

Again, depends on the client’s requirements but normally 30, 45 or 60 minutes.

This job really does keep you very fit?

Yes, very fit!! 

How easy is it to manage your time in your work day?

Can be challenging at times as sometimes things happen that are beyond your control. You must be flexible.

On a typical day what time do you get home and put your feet up?

Pet Care

If I have boarding dogs 24/7 so no real time to put feet up!

What is the most fun thing about doing your job?

The joy you get from seeing how happy the pets are and the owners on their return.


You can find out more about Paw Pals Telford North by clicking here, you can read and discover more about the branch, the services on offer and view their amazing photo gallery, as well as customer testimonials.

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