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A Day in the life of Paw Pals West Oxon.

Monday 8 January 2018

Caroline & Antony

Ever wondered what a typical day in the life of Paw Pals is like? Well now you can find out as we ask the questions you want to know!!

Today we are spending time with Caroline and Antony of Paw Pals West Oxfordshire

What time does your Alarm go off?

  • 6am every morning including weekends.  We  wouldn’t say we leap out of bed at that time but our Labrador Meg makes sure we don’t take too long before she gets her breakfast!

How do you know who you are visiting for that day?

  • Caroline has many years of experience of organizing people so the three of us have an individual schedule with all our work booked in.  She is Queen of lists!

Do you have a set routine for the day?

Cat Sitting

No two days are the same but we like to be out of the house before 7am to do any cat and pet sitting visits early before back home for coffee and breakfast before beginning our dog walking.  We also board rabbits and guinea pigs so make sure any guests are fed/ watered and happy too.  Caroline deals with all the admin side of the business so is usually in and out all day to deal with emails and phone calls and any administration that needs doing while Ant and Charlie concentrate on most of the dog walking.  The evenings are then for cat feeding or pet visits and any new client appointments.

Are most of the visits you undertake the same, or is every day different?

  • Every day is different which is one of the great things about our business, you never know what is going to happen and there is no such thing as a “normal” day which makes it exciting!

What is the most important tasks you have to do when visiting clients?

  • The primary thing whether it be a dog walk or a cat visit is to make sure the pet we are visiting is happy and well.  We like nice tired and happy dogs at the end of a dog walk and a fed, watered and happy contented cat after our visit.

Is it hard not to get attached to your lovely clients?

  • It is very hard but I don’t think it is a bad thing to get attached to the pets we visit (which we do!).  We like to treat them as if they were our own and some we have known for many years!

How easy is it to manage your time in your work day?

Dog Walking

As things change all the time, your work schedule for the day can be very different by the time the evening comes.  People may need to cancel a dog walk or ask for an additional cat visit or have an emergency where they need a one off visit.  We always try and accommodate these requests when we can as we know these things happen and we like to think we can be flexible.

On a typical day what time do you get home and put your feet up?  We usually both are home by around 6 – 7pm before we decide who is making the dinner and who is owner of the remote control!

Do you visit your clients more than once in a day?

  • We have lots of lovely cat and pet clients who like two visits a day.

On an average day, how long do you walk your clients (dogs) for?

  • The most popular length of walk is an hour but we also offer 30 and 45 minute walks depending on what the client wants.

This job really does keep you very fit?

  • It certainly does and we never have any trouble sleeping with all the fresh Oxfordshire air we get.

What is the most fun thing about doing your job?

  • Getting to know all the pets we visit and their very individual personalities, we can’t think of any job that is better than this!


You can find out more about Paw Pals West Oxon by clicking here, you can read and discover more about the branch, the services on offer and view their amazing photo gallery, as well as customer testimonials.

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