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Bonfire Night Pet Awareness

Sunday 5 November 2017

“Remember Remember the 5th of November” but let’s not forget our beloved pets who might not be as fond of bonfire night of year as we are, and remember our pets can get scared of loud noise, bangs and flashes from fireworks in your local area, or in the garden next door.

Just be mindful if you are having your own fireworks display in your garden to consider your own pets and those pets in neighbouring homes in the area, here are some signs to recognise your pet is scared or distressed and some tips which might help make bonfire night for your pet a little bit easier to cope with.
Bonfire Night Pet Awareness
Signs to look out for:
If your dog is pacing, barking, panting, shaking, remaining close to you and hiding in a corner or enclosed area, excessive salivation/drooling and at times going to the toilet in the house. If your cat is cowering and hiding behind or on top of furniture, running away from you, going to the toilet in the house, not eating and being very vocal more so than normal.
So what can we do to help?
Ensure that your pet is kept indoors with windows and doors closed when fireworks, leave doors ajar inside the house, in case they want to take themselves off to a place they feel secure. Check that all windows and curtains are closed and to help sound out the noise of the fireworks, put the TV or radio on but a little louder than normal, ensure they bed is placed away from a window or door and just be mindful that your pet might not want to be picked up and leave them to go to where they feel safe, let them come to you for comfort and praise your pet when they appear calm as this will help reassure them in the house.

For further information about keeping your pet safe this bonfire night, please take a moment to read Bonfire & Firework Safety from Vets Now

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