Christmas Gifts to Avoid Giving Your Dog

Wednesday 13 December 2017

For some of us it’s so easy to get carried away with the spirit of Christmas and buying presents for our loved ones and also our dogs too. It is simple to walk in to any shop and see a toy that we might think our pets would love, but in reality it could do more harm than good if it is not specific for animals or not animal friendly.

When buying a present for your dog this year consider some of these top tips to help you buy the perfect fun present which will give your dog and yourself hours of fun, happiness and playtimes.

Make sure that any dog treats you buy are dog friendly and safe, which contain no chocolate or ingredients (which are harmful to your pets) and are also pet friendly to chew on.
If you puppy or dog likes to chew, we recommend nylarbone toys, this brand will give them endless pleasure and fun, while knowing this brand is safe and pet friendly since 1955.
Where there are plenty of toys designed for dogs, please try and avoid stuffed toys, or those with plastic eyes all which can be harmful if digested by your dog.
Try and avoid small plastic toys, although your dog will enjoy chewing and playing with these types of toys without a care in the world, they are not pet friendly and if the plastic is ingested can cause harm, blockages and also can be fatal on occasions, so please take care.
Never give them any battery operated toy, this goes without saying that if the battery is ingested and leaks within your dog’s stomach, this will prove fatal and cause terrible pain for your pet.
So if you are mindful when buying your dog presents this Christmas, you can be confident in knowing you will have a safe and peaceful time and your dog with have endless of enjoyment too.

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