Dog theft & what to do!!

Monday 26 March 2018

Is it a really horrible thought to think that our beloved family dog(s) could be stolen, but in reality this does happen and is happening every day! Our dogs are being stolen in various ways with the most popular being from when we are out walking with them, to being taken from our very own back gardens without a thought for the family and more importantly the dog itself.

There are basic preventative measures you can take Think twice before leaving your dog tied up outside a shop, do not leave your dog alone in the car, even for a few minutes and prevent your dog being stolen while out walking by varying your times of walks and routes.

What to do if your Dog is stolen!!

In the eventuality that your dog is stolen here is a guideline of steps that might help in the safe recovery of your beloved family dog(s) 

• If your dog is lost or suspected stolen, it is important to act quickly!!
• Report the loss to your local police, council dog warden and those in all other neighbouring local authorities.
• Visit places where dog walkers go such as local parks and public places and talk to people, asking them to keep an eye open for your dog.
• If you believe your pet has been stolen, report it to the police and insist it is recorded as a theft and not a lost animal. Ask for a crime reference number.
• Report the loss/theft to the microchip database, this will ensure that if anyone tries to re-register the chip number, you will be informed.
• Make posters and display them in areas local to your home and also in relevant places such as vets, local parks etc. The poster should include a clear photograph and details of the circumstances.
• Make sure local vets are aware in case someone takes your dog in for treatment.
• Report the loss on as many as possible of the missing animals websites – there is no single national missing animals database, so you will have to place the same information on all of them to ensure a widespread appeal.
• Contact local animal shelters and rescue charities and send them posters to display.

Top preventative measures!!

• Your dog should always wear a collar and ID tag with your name and address on it. This is a legal requirement when your dog is in a public place. A mobile number is also a good idea, but avoid putting your dog’s name on the disc.

 • Please ensure your dog is microchipped and that you keep your contact details up-to-date, especially if you move house or change your telephone number. Dogs and puppies in the UK must be microchipped by eight weeks old, by law.

• Take clear photographs of your dog from various angles, and update them regularly. Make a note of any distinguishing features.

• Have lots of photographs of yourself with your dog, to help you to prove ownership if needed. Train your dog to come back when called, and never let them off the lead if you are not sure they will come back to you. If in doubt, use an extending lead, especially if you are in an unfamiliar area where your dog may get lost more easily.

• Take care when choosing someone to care for your dog if you are going away from home or need a dog walker whilst you go to work. Use a reputable company or boarding kennels and check references for people who provide dog or house-sitting services.

• At home, make sure your garden is secure and fit a bell to the gate so you hear if anyone opens it

• Keep your dog in view in the garden, don’t just leave him outside unsupervised, ensure that your back garden is secure, gates locked at all times

• Decide who owns the dog in your household. Discuss who would own the dog in the event of bereavement or break up and draw up documentation to this effect. This may seem unnecessary, but pets can become the centre of ownership disputes in these circumstances.


If your dog has been stolen then it is always best to act quickly, please contact your local police and council dog warden, who will be able to give you further help and advice.

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