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Heat Stroke Awareness in Dogs

Thursday 17 July 2014

Exercise and companionship while you are away is an important part of your dog's routine, but during the summer months Paw Pals needs to pay extra attention to the needs of your dogs as we are walking during the lunchtime period when the temperature is at it's hottest.  While the warm weather may be good for us (except when you are stuck in the office) it isn't for your dog and can lead to serious problems.

Extra attention should be paid to the following:

Hydration. During hot weather, dogs can become dehydrated very quickly, carry plenty of fresh water to ensure your pet remains hydrated throughout the walk.

Keeping to the Shade.  Try and choose walks mainly in the shade. 

Burnt Paws.  The pavements can become very hot during the day and it could burn your dog’s paws. It may not be felt through your shoes but there is direct contact between your dog’s paws and the hot pavement. Grass tends to stay cooler than the pavements, especially in the shade!

Travelling in Cars.  Travelling in cars should be kept to the minimum. As Paw Pals do not pack walk there is no lengthy journeys collecting numerous dogs, while other dogs are getting hot in the car.  

Walk Times.  Assess how your dog is coping in the heat and if need be, shorten the walk. If Paw Pals shorten your walk for this reason, we spend the remaining time at home in the cool ensuring that your dog has cooled down and rehydrated prior to leaving.

Cooling Down.  If you have a hose, use this too cool your dog down spraying the paws, legs and stomach, not just the top of the dog, as dogs tend to cool from the bottom up.  If you don't have a hose Paw Pals can use a spray bottle.

All these measures are taken to prevent Heat Stroke in your dog.  Signs of heat stroke are, excessive panting, increased heart rate or respiratory rate, drooling, seizures, bloody diarrhoea, and vomiting. Dogs normally have a higher body temperature than humans, but a temperature of 40 degrees Celsius will generally trigger heat stroke's more severe symptoms, and can even lead to death. 

If Paw Pals see your pet exhibiting heat stroke symptoms, we will get him or her to the vet as quickly as possible.  However, this can be avoidable by following the advice above.

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