Paw Pals Ashington Feel Good Story!

Wednesday 4 January 2017

Paw Pals Branch owner Diane Routledge, was given some lovey news recently and we would like to share this with you too.

At the beginning of last summer I was sent a message from a Pharmacist I used to work with who works with the cancer services in the hospital I used to work at. They had desperately been looking for help for a patient who was facing very intensive chemotherapy as an inpatient  and had tried various charities with no success. The patient had no family or friends locally to help and as he wouldn’t be working, could not pay the cat boarding fees at the local catteries for his very much loved cat Gaia. She wanted to know if I knew of any places who could take in Gaia on the days he was in hospital. I didn’t hesitate to say I would visit Gaia free of charge so that he could keep her at home.

Having had treatment for cancer myself I knew only too well the importance of having peace of mind while he was getting his treatment, and for her to be there to comfort him when he got home. It was all set up through the hospital cancer department for me to go and see him and instantly I could see his little cat was his life, and he was hers too. 

It was a great pleasure for me to look after her for him and he looked forward to my text messages each night with photos, he said they really cheered him up after his treatments. Unfortunately his treatment wasn’t successful and he needed further, even more intensive treatments.
I told him I would support him through all the way and have been helping out when needed right up to this summer. I can’t describe how happy I feel to be told today that he has finally been given the all clear and all of his bravery has paid off.
He is happy for me to share his story because as a cancer survivor myself, I feel so privileged to have been able to play my small part to support him through his long and arduous fight with cancer. For me, this has been such a simple, yet very rewarding way for Paw Pals Ashington to care for animals and their owners as we all do, and it has just reminded me that we have a very special job indeed.

The branch offers a wide range of pet care services in and around the Ashington areas, if you would like to find out more about Paw Pals Ashington, and to view Diane's online gallery, testimonials and much more please visit Paw Pals Ashington

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