Quirky habits of your dog and their meanings?

Monday 19 September 2016

Have you ever noticed your dog doing something unusual or doing something quirky which might look funny and make you laugh, the most common dog traits are tail chasing, licking but is there is reason for them doing this and what does it mean? 
Here are a few examples of common and quirky behavior.
Dog Behaviour Meanings
  • Tail Chasing: This amusing behavior for us humans to watch and say "how cute", but this is simply a fun way for your pup to expend her excess energy, but please bear in mind if your dog is doing this constantly, then it is possible they might have an anal gland problems, so you should consult your vet.
  • Licking: Your dogs licks are actually a way of showing their affection for you. Research also suggests that licking is a sensory tool for dogs ,similar to reaching out and touching something just as we all did when we were babies.
  • Humping: We find a humping dog quite funny, but did you know neutered and spayed dogs hump because they are excited or seeking attention and in some cases a habit they had before being neutered or spayed, these habits can be broken with a little training and will be forgotten in time.
  • The staring Dog: Have you ever noticed your dogs looking at you? You dog is hoping you’ll give them a treat or shower him or her with praise and affection. After all, it’s hard to resist those pleading, puppy-dog eyes. It’s important to keep in mind that some dogs consider direct eye contact threatening.

For more examples of dogs quirkey habits and what they mean, please visit the vet street website 

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