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Summer Treats for Your Dog!

Monday 11 July 2016

It's always nice to keep some treats for your dog in the cupboard, as a reward or as a special treat for just being your loveable dog. So on a hot day why don’t you give them something cool and refreshing! There are alternatives that we can make at home which are very quick, simple to make and easy prepare that won’t cost you a fortune.
Here are a few very simple summer treat recipes for your dogs!
Chicken Stock Ice Cubes
Chicken Stock Ice Cubes;
  • Dilute one chicken stock cube in a pint of hot water and then leave to cool until cold.
  • When the stock is cold, pour in to ice cube moulds and place in freezer overnight.
  • Once frozen they are ready to serve.
With the added flavour of chicken in the refreshing ice cube, this gives a little excitement to the normal plain ice a must have cool treat for your dog.
Fruity Ice Sorbet Slush

Fruity Ice Sorbet Slush;

  • Dilute fruit juice in one or two pints of water (depending on how much you wish to make) and make sure that it is a flavour that your dog likes.
  • Once mixed fully together place in a bowl, tray or ice cream container and place in freezer.
  • After thirty to forty minutes take it out and stir around and repeat this after twenty minutes until you are getting a slushy constancy.
  • Once you have the constancy of a slushy sorbet the treat is ready to serve.
Please ensure that you use fruit juices that your dog likes and do not over use the juice (this could be a bit too sweet, sour and strong for your dog) the perfect treat for those older dogs who would find eating this delicious treat easier.
Dog Ice Cream

Dog Ice Cream;

This can be bought from most pet stores but one recommendation is ice cream from the online store Billy and Margot. The ice cream comes in various flavours such as Strawberry & Apple, Apple, Banana & Carrot and Honey & Banana.

To find out more about these products please visit Billy + Margot website


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