Top 5 Regional Dog Breeds

Wednesday 12 July 2017

Have you ever wondered what the top dog breeds are in the UK? Well thanks to a recent survey undertaken by Sainsbury's Bank now you can. They have collated their results on top dog breeds and broken it down into regional areas of the UK.

The survey also found when it comes to how cats and dogs enhance their owners’ lives, the research revealed the main benefit is overcoming loneliness (29%); followed by owners improving their overall fitness (28%) and then combating depression (24%). Some 18% say their pets have helped them to be increasingly sociable by meeting more people, and 6% say they helped them to cope better with their disability. 

Regional Survey Results

Top Dog Breeds
Cocker Spaniel (5.8%)
Labrador (4.8%)
Labrador Retriever (4.5%)
Cockapoo (3.8%)
English Springer Spaniel (3.2%)
Cocker Spaniel (7.4%)
Labrador (5.8%)
Labrador Retriever (4.8%)
Cockapoo (3.7%)
Pug (3.5%)
Labrador (5.8%)
Cocker Spaniel (5.3%)
Labrador Retriever (5.3%)
Cockapoo (3.6%)
Staffordshire Bull Terrier (3.3%)
West Midlands
Cocker Spaniel (6.1%)
Labrador Retriever (4.3%)
Cockapoo (4.0%)
Pug (3.9%)
Labrador (3.5%)
Dog Breeds Survey

South West

Cocker Spaniel (5.7%)
Labrador Retriever (5%)
Labrador (4.8%)
English Springer Spaniel (4%)
Jack Russell Terrier (3.4%)
North West
Cocker Spaniel (6%)
Pug (4.3%)
Cockapoo (4.2%)
Labrador (4.1%)
Staffordshire Bull Terrier (3.5%)
Cocker Spaniel (6%)
Labrador (5%)
Cockapoo (5%)
Labrador Retriever (3.7%)
English Springer Spaniel (3.2%)
South East
Cocker Spaniel (5.7%)
Labrador (5.4%)
Labrador Retriever (4.8%)
Cockapoo (3.7%)
English Springer Spaniel (3.7%)
North East
Labrador (6.6%)
Cocker Spaniel (6.5%)
Pug (4.8%)
Jack Russell Terrier (4.4%)
Labrador Retriever (4.1%)


Cocker Spaniel (4.3%)
Staffordshire Bull Terrier (4.2%)
French Bulldog (3.9%)
Cockapoo (3.8%)
Jack Russell Terrier (3.2%)
Northern Ireland
Cocker Spaniel (6%)
Pug (6%)
Miniature Schnauzer (5.2%)
Border Collie (4.7%)
Staffordshire Bull Terrier 3.9%)
Cocker Spaniel (5.5%)
Pug (3.9%)
Labrador (3.9%)
Jack Russell Terrier (3.7%)
Border Collie (3.3%)
East Midlands
Labrador Retriever (5.1%)
Cocker Spaniel (5.0%)
Cockapoo (4.3%)
Labrador (4%)
English Springer Spaniel (3.5%)

For more information on pet ownership in your postcode area, see the Sainsbury’s Bank pet map tool: Sainsbury Bank

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