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Ways Your Dog Shows You They Love You!

Friday 10 February 2017

When you own a Dog do you ever think “how do I know they love me”, of course you can tell by the obvious wagging of a tail and a crafty lick of the face, but there are plenty of other doggie traits and signs to look out for in which they are telling you they love you.

Here are a few examples to look at for and guaranteed that once you have read these, you will have probably have seen them doing this before, but not realising what they are telling you.
When you walk through the door, your Dog goes wild with excitement to see you and as soon as you sit down they will be jumping all over you with the full force of their excitable behaviour. There also might be few moments of barking which soon calms down once they have had their fussing.
Licking of your face can have a few meanings, more commonly that they are showing they love you, but also they are reaffirming you are part of the family pack.
When you move around the house you often find you have a little shadow, your Dog will do this because they want to be with you and of course curious to know what you are doing.
When you sit on the sofa, your dog jumps up to sit next to you and will sit as close as they can to you or even sit on your lap, again this is to be near you, plus if they are on your lap it’s probably their favorite comfort spot too.
When you approach your home and see your Dog looking out the window at you, they get to know what time you come home, their sense for doing so is timeless.
Through the good and bad times, one thing we can be sure of that our cherrished dogs will always be that friend, and give you their unconditional love aways and forever.

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