Winter Weather Advice for your Dogs

Wednesday 6 December 2017

With the weather now changing for winter and temperatures getting colder, let us not forget our beloved furry friends as they need to be ready for winter too, it’s all too easy to walk our dogs in all kinds of weather, but be mindful that they can feel the cold as well.

Some useful tips to help you this winter;

  • When taking your dog for a walk, always make sure they are wearing their collar and ID tags, if in bad weather please keep your dog on their lead.
  • If you are considering a winter coat, please think about one which is Hi Viz, this will ensure when walking your dog in the darker mornings/evenings they can clearly be seen.
  • Ensure your dog has clean and fresh water at all times.
  • Keep extra warm bedding and blankets in your dog’s beds or favourite sleeping spots around the house, keep the beds away from any open windows or direct drafts, ensuring your dog is cosy at all times.
  • Always keep a dry towel close by and handy when you return from a walk in the rain or snow, by drying your dog all over including their feet, removes all excess water and damp and if the paths have been salted due to ice and snow, please ensure when drying their feet you check for any salt/grit that might have got caught in the feet, if not removed this could become an irritant for your dog resulting in potential vet trips.
  • If like many you have a wood burner or open fire, there is nothing more dog’s like to do is sleep and stretch out in front of the fire, just be aware that fires can spit out embers and of course can be very hot places, so its recommend you use a fire guard at all times to keep your dog safe.
  • If you take your dog regularly to the dog groomers for a quick wash and trim, you might want to consider letting your dog’s winter coat grow more so than usual, and particularly if you have a puppy, short-haired or old dog, by buying them a practical warm and water proof winter coat will certainly help in various weather conditions.
  • We all know to never leave your dog in a car during extreme warm and hot weather, this also applies to cold and freezing weathers too, both two extremes which can result in causing your dog much distress and even causing death.
  • NEVER let your dog walk on frozen lakes or ponds, although they might consider this fun there is always a risk the ice will break and your dog or you could fall through in to the freezing water, this is best to be avoided at all times.
  • Did you know that antifreeze is highly poisonous but tasty to dogs? Keep it well out of their reach when filling up your car and mop up any spills at all times.

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