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A Paw Pals Franchise provides the opportunity to have an enjoyable and rewarding career working with animals, and to grow your own business with the support & expertise of an established brand.

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Don’t just take our word for how great it would be to have your own pet sitting business, check out these industry stats:

The value of the UK pet products and services market is forecast to reach £2.1 billion in value by 2023.               In 2018 it was (just!) £1.7 billion. 

The real opportunity for Pet Sitters like us is that the majority of the growth will come from pet care services, which are estimated to grow by 34% to £991 million by 2023.

(Mintel Pet Food & Pet Care Retailing UK survey). 

“The pet food and pet care industry is growing well (says Chana Baram, retail analyst at Mintel)
underpinned by stable pet ownership and an increasing desire to treat pets with premium food, products and services as they become a more integral part of the family. Additionally, with pet ownership peaking among full-time workers, there is an opportunity to provide practical services such as dog walking and day-care.”

Pet services, including pet sitting, grooming and training, is the fastest growing category in the industry and Pet Sitting in particular is becoming increasingly popular.

The concept is still a relatively new one, making now an ideal time to enter the market place with an established and successful brand like Paw Pals.

And there’s more good news!

The UK pet population continues to grow – 45% of households have at least one pet, increasing to 53% of those with children.

Dogs are the most common pet, with over 6.6 million households (that’s one in four homes) estimated to own around 9 million dogs.

Cats are the second most common pet in the UK, with around 8 million in almost 5 million homes, representing 18% of homes in the country. (Mintel, Pet Insurance – UK).

As a Paw Pals franchise, you are part of a wider organisation. Your business will grow rapidly as new clients appreciate the fact that you have back up and so are more likely to take you on than competitors.

By hiring people to help you (as almost all Paw Pals Franchisees do) you can take on more customers, target more areas of your territory and grow your business.

Also by offering new and additional services, for example selling and delivering pet food, pet photography, Wedding Dogs chaperone service etc, or even buying additional territory, you can really increase your profits.

An ideal Paw Pals Pet Franchise Candidate would:

Have genuine interest in all pets, large and small.

Be an all weather person and love the great outdoors.

Be self motivated to build a successful business.

Be dedicated to delivering the best possible customer service.

Have the adaptability and flexibility to handle changing circumstances- pet sitting throws up something different every day!

So if joining us and becoming a Paw Pal sounds like the career change for you, contact Brian at Head Office on 01737 217 337 or email 

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“I feel genuinely proud to be part of Paw Pals, the values of the company
are everything I believe in; honesty, integrity and providing a quality service.”

Paul Wright, owner of Paw Pals Romford

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