Paw Pals franchisee success stories

We will help you run a successful and profitable full service pet sitting business. Read these case studies of existing franchisees operating under the Paw Pals brand. 

for an example of the success that could be yours, here is the experience of a current Paw Pals franchisee:

Caroline & Antony Newbury, owners of Paw Pals West Oxfordshire.

Caroline joined the Paw Pals pet franchise network in 2016 having done much research into the pet sitting industry and even had interviews and ‘open days’ with other companies too. So it was with Paw Pals that Caroline saw she had the chance to pursue a career combining caring for animals with making a success of her own business in the great outdoors; Paw Pals West Oxon was launched in July 2011.

“I found Paw Pals on a pet franchise website and was so inspired by their friendly nature and genuine passion for animals that I knew it was the one for me.  

After a very successful first year, Caroline and her husband Ant decided that she needed an extra pair of hands, or more importantly feet! After much deliberation and number crunching, Ant gave up his job as a brewer and joined the pet care business full time as a partner. If they needed any confirmation that they had done the right thing, they got it; the couple went on to make an impressive turnover in just their second year!

“I am a big lover of the great outdoors and after sitting behind a desk for the last 25 years (despite having had some great jobs), think I am ready to fulfil my dream and make my own success as well as doing something I love – not many people can say that!”

And following the recent birth of Caroline and Ant’s little boy Alfie, their Paw Pals pet franchise has provided them with the income and balanced lifestyle they craved back in 2016.

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“I have to say I don’t think I would have been as successful with my branch if I hadn’t had the support of Paw Pals. 

You can tailor your business to suit your individual lifestyle. I have been boarding dogs at home for the last couple of years which has been great, but I also enjoy walking dogs and looking after cats when their owners are on holiday. It’s great because there is always a variety of things to do.”

Paula Taylor, owner of Paw Pals Buckingham

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