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The Pet Parent’s Guide to Summer Travel: What You Need to Know

Summer is a time for holidays, family trips, and fun adventures. But what about your furry family members? Whether you’re planning on bringing them along for the ride or considering entrusting their care to a pet sitter, summer travel requires careful planning when you have pets. In this blog post, we’ll cover everything you need to know to ensure your pet’s wellbeing during your summer travels.

Pet-Friendly Destinations

Not all holiday destinations are equally accommodating for pets. Do your research to find hotels, campgrounds, or rental properties that welcome animals. Portals such as can be most helpful. Also, look for pet-friendly activities or places in the area, like parks, beaches, or hiking trails, so your pet can also enjoy the time away. Remember, the environment should be safe and enjoyable for your pet.

Travel Preparations for Pets

When taking your pet with you, ensure they’re comfortable and safe during the journey. If travelling by car, use a pet seatbelt or a secured carrier for safety. For plane travel, check the airline’s pet policy well in advance. Consider your pet’s temperament and health when deciding on the best travel method. Also, pack a travel kit for your pet, including food, water, leash, waste bags, bedding, and any necessary medication.

Health Check and Vaccinations

Before travelling, schedule a visit to the vet to ensure your pet is in good health and up-to-date on vaccinations. If you’re travelling abroad, check the pet import regulations of your destination country as they may require specific vaccinations or health certificates. Also, ensure your pet’s microchip details are up-to-date and they have a sturdy collar with a tag displaying your contact details.

Preparing Your Pet for a Stay with a Pet Sitter

If your pet will be staying with a pet sitter, it’s important to prepare them (and the sitter) properly. Make sure your sitter knows your pet’s routine, diet, and any health issues. Leave written instructions about feeding times, medication, and your vet’s contact information. If possible, have the sitter visit your home a few times before you leave so your pet can get used to them. Ensure he/she has relevant pet sitter business insurance, is Police checked and preferably can provide references or is part of a larger pet sitting organisation. Agree a price for your pet’s care and have a plan in place should your pet need vetnerary care. And make sure you provide the sitter with contact details!

Keeping Your Pet Calm

Travelling or staying with a sitter can be stressful for pets. Maintain as much of your pet’s normal routine as possible to help them feel secure. You can also bring along a favourite blanket or toy to comfort your pet. If your pet gets anxious during travel, discuss options with your vet—they may be able to recommend calming products or treatments.

Keep an Eye on the Weather

Summer weather can be hot and unpredictable. Monitor the weather forecasts to avoid travelling during heatwaves or storms, which can be distressing for pets. Always ensure your pet has access to shade and fresh water and NEVER leave them alone in a hot car.

Secure Your Home

If you’re leaving your pet at home with a sitter, take steps to pet-proof your home and make it comfortable for your pet. Secure any hazardous materials, make sure your pet can’t escape, and provide plenty of toys and comfortable resting places.

In conclusion, with a bit of careful planning, you can ensure your pet remains safe, comfortable, and happy whether you’re travelling together or they’re staying home with a sitter. Remember, Paw Pals is always ready to provide excellent care for your pets while you’re away. Even so, we are strongly in favour of your doggie companion/s travelling with you, as this is the best care you can provide! Happy travels!