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In the coming weeks we will post regarding the trials, tribulations and joys of our own animal companions, who occupy our time when we aren’t caring for our clients’ pets. In the meantime, browse a selection of topical news items from our archive below or you can follow us on FaceBook via the link above.

As we emerge from the challenges of the last 18 months, we at Paw Pals are pleased to be returning to what most recognise as a more normal way of life. 

So a big thank you to customers old and new who have Put their Paws in Our Hands!

Please contact your local branch to find out the precise details of how they can help with your beloved pets’ needs.

Whether new customer or old, please tell us how we can help. All of our branches’ contact details can be found via the ‘Locations’ heading above.

Dog Sitting Services

Separation Anxiety

WHAT IS SEPARATION ANXIETY? Separation related behaviours (SRBs) are unwanted behaviours when dogs are left alone. Most common are destruction, toileting, barking or howling. There are different reasons for dogs to show these behaviours when left alone, but the most common is where they have never learnt that being alone is a normal and OK

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Dog Walking Service

Adder Snake Bites!!

Adder Snake Bites!! This time of year while the weather is warming up, let’s not forget about what lurks in the long grass and within the undergrowth when we take our dogs out for their walks. Adder snakes are the only poisonous snake in the UK. Most bites are not generally fatal as long as

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Dog Walking Service

Keep Your Pet Safe in the Heat!

Keep Your Pet Safe in the Heat! Now the weather is warming up and the days are getting hotter, it’s time to spring in to action to think of our pets and how we can take simple preventitive actions to keep our pets safe in the hot weather. A dog suffering from heatstroke they will

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Dog Care Information

Essential Oils Harmful to Cats and Dogs!!!

Essential Oils Harmful to Cats and Dogs!!! With the most of us now wanting to have a healthier alternative lifestyle, we are now extending this to our pets at home with healthier ways to feed diet supplements formulated primarily from oil blends, natural products and some of us believe that using essential oils will also

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Pet Sitter Advice

Loss of a Pet

Loss of a Pet It’s never easy saying goodbye to a beloved and much loved family pet, you’ll know that the depth of grief can be real and perhaps surprising, the hurt can be of a feeing never felt before, can be as deep or deeper than many people have felt when human friends or

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Paw Pals Dog Walking & Pet Sitting News

The Do’s & Don’ts of Removing Ticks from Your Pets!

The Do’s & Don’ts of Removing Ticks from Your Pets! Ticks are small external parasites that live on the blood of small mammals and are closely related to spiders. There are four stages to a tick’s life-cycle: egg, larva, nymph, and adult. To the naked eye the larvae look like minute pale spiders, not much

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