As well as dog boarding in Nottingham, Paw Pals provide small animal boarding services for small pets in Nottingham and the surrounding areas.

Pet Boarding in Nottingham

Your small pets can come and stay with us and have a pet holiday in Nottingham! Either in hutches and runs in our garden or in their own cages indoors.

For your peace of mind, we can send you regular updates of your pet via SMS, email or on Facebook!

Small Pet & Rabbit Boarding Service 

We will provide hay and daily fresh food and also bedding for small pets such as rabbits, hamsters, rats or whoever is staying in our hutches. We only ask you to supply their normal dry food for the length of their stay. Regular checks on your pets, daily food and water change, spot cleaning and playtime in outdoor runs are provided. Also, cuddles and fuss are included in the price! 

Please contact us to arrange a viewing of our pet boarding facilities.

*It is recommended that rabbits are vaccinated against Myxomatosis and VHD.

Pet Boarding Locations Near Nottingham

  • Mapperley
  • Mapperley Park
  • Woodthorpe
  • Sherwood
  • Arnold
  • Carlton
  • Gedling

If your area is not listed above, please ring to enquire if we can help.

Our pet boarding service is available throughout Nottingham and the surrounding area so we;ll do our best to accommodate your small animals. 


Contact: Nicky Nettleton

T: 07594 563966