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Our Pet Portraits service is dedicated to capturing the unique personality and charm of your beloved animal companions through professional photography

Pet Portraits in Cheshire East

We understand that your pets are more than just animals; they are cherished members of your family, each with their own distinct traits and quirks. Our goal is to create stunning, high-quality images that not only showcase their beauty but also encapsulate their individuality, resulting in photographs that you will cherish forever.

Whether you desire a classic portrait that elegantly displays your pet’s grace, an action shot that captures their playful spirit, or a themed photoshoot that reflects a particular aspect of their personality or a special occasion, our skilled photographers are adept at bringing your vision to life. We take the time to get to know your pet and understand what makes them unique, ensuring that each photo session is as enjoyable for them as it is for you.

Our sessions can be conducted in a variety of settings to best suit your pet’s comfort and style. For a more relaxed and familiar atmosphere, we can take the photos in the comfort of your home, where your pet feels most secure. If your pet has a favorite outdoor spot where they love to run and play, we can arrange the shoot in that location to capture their natural energy and joy. Alternatively, we can work at a location of your choice that holds special significance or offers a beautiful backdrop for the portraits.

Each portrait session is meticulously tailored to highlight the distinct characteristics of your pet. We consider factors such as their temperament, favorite activities, and any special features they may have. This personalised approach ensures that the resulting images are not only visually stunning but also deeply meaningful, reflecting the true essence of your pet.

In addition to providing a variety of settings and themes, we also offer a range of products to showcase your pet’s portraits. From traditional prints and framed photos to custom photo books and digital images, we provide multiple options to display and share your favourite moments with friends and family.

Our Pet Portraits service goes beyond simply taking pictures; it’s about creating a memorable and personalised experience for both you and your pet. With our professional touch and dedication to capturing the heart and soul of your furry friend, you can look forward to beautiful images that celebrate the special bond you share. Let us help you create lasting memories that will bring joy and smiles for years to come.


David & Tammy provide pet care services in the following areas:

  • Macclesfield – SK10
  • Bollington – SK10
  • Gawsworth – SK11
  • Prestbury – SK10
  • Alderley Edge – SK9
  • Wilmslow – SK9
  • Chelford – SK11

If your area is not listed above, please ring to enquire if we can help.


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